When should the wedding take place?

Summer Weddings

June, of course, is the most popular month in which to marry. The tradition began centuries ago with the ancient Romans. The month of June was named Juno, goddess of women and marriage, who vowed to protect those who married in her month. In many areas June is also the first month of predictable fair weather. Another June offering: roses, the quintessential romantic flowers that bloom profusely during this month. Being a June bride is worth the extra planning, if you’ve had that particular dream since adolescence, and the month does carry undeniable joyousness. Just be sure to allow enough time to make arrangements for services you need and want.

For couples who want a summer wedding but are not emotionally bound to the month of June, July is a fine choice. It’s the height of summer, nights are long, and outdoor weddings run little risk of bad weather (although humidity can be a formidable problem in some places). Family members who live far away may be more able to get time off from work to travel in summer months, and children are out of school. The same goes for August. It is such a popular vacation month that if you don’t send your invitations out well in advance, you might receive a higher number of regrets.

In June and July, the Butterfly Garden is a perfect spot with lots of beautiful flowers. The cover of the tent and sides allow for comfort ven with coller or hotter weather.

Fall is for Lovers    

There are numerous good reasons to consider getting married in September or October. The weather is mild and crisp, and the tide of summer travelers has ebbed a bit. In many parts of the country, the scenery is spectacular in the fall, making it easier to lure far-flung family and friends to your celebration. Some couples make the autumn foilage a key part of their wedding design using wreaths, harvest motifs, and a warm, firery palette in their decorating schemes.

Another advantage to autumn weddings: honeymoon destinations are less crowded, since most schools start in September.

In the past, brides have been very plaesed with our Garden and photos in the fall. Again the tent cover and sides allow for the needed protection from the weather.

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